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PIRAMIDS serves every aspect of lease management
capturing all the essential information across the rental life cycle management.

The current pandemic COVID-19 taught us hard lessons, especially that we were not prepared. Nearly 2.3 million small businesses (22% of the total small businesses) have little hope of ever reopening. As a small business landlord with high mortgage dollar installments due, you need to be ahead of the curve.

In the busy life of a landlord, planning for an unforeseen, and unpredictable environment is tricky. It consumes time as you are occupied with routine matters, such as rental management, property management, and tenant management. Then there’s billing, collections, and recordkeeping.

By performing these routine and repetitive tasks, you must change hats often, from Property Manager, Mailman, Cashier, and Bookkeeper. In addition, you must gather and compile volumes of information required for decision making. The entire process is really challenging and leaves you little time for anything else.

The SAAS based programs currently available in the market are often focused on the short term. But to create and manage the rental or implement a complete package will require a large capital investment, as well as the required maintenance. Some require a base subscription where you need to acquire managing skills, fulfilling the requirements of landlords.

PIRAMIDS is a cloud-based platform built to serve every aspect of being a landlord.

It is focused on managed services to reduce the burden on your back-office functions, from onboarding the tenant to managing rental activities.

PIRAMIDS is tightly integrated with financial management and provides value-based services to setup the system and processes, bookkeeping, financial analysis and business modeling.

PIRAMIDS is comprehensive, highly capable of setting the required rate of return for each property, and it measures the returns month over month throughout the life for return analysis.

With PIRAMIDS, you truly realize the benefit of having one property management solution with the ability to manage by exceptions. The solution provides you with trends and insights on Rental income, costs and returns by Contract, by Customer, by Property, by Unit, by Unit Type and by Lease type. These capabilities will make your decision-making process quantitative and qualitative – rather than judgmental.

We can make your property management simple and efficient. Talk to us and streamline your rental process