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Are you a Property Manager?

PIRAMIDS serves every aspect of lease management
capturing all the essential information across the rental life cycle management.

The life of a Property manager is filled with routine tasks. You may feel you are firefighting just trying to keep up with daily activities: listing the Rental unit, advertising, and attracting tenants. Then you attend calls, track results, schedule visits, answer prospective tenants’ apprehensions, follow-up with prospects, negotiate and communicate rental pricing, gather information, request a credit check, inform acceptance or denial of tenancy.

All of this can be overwhelming. Collect deposits to hold, prepare a lease agreement, schedule tenant meeting for lease signing, and handover the tenant checklist. Finally, plan for move in date and walkthrough the property and record results of inspection and handover the key.

And that’s not all; there are still more tasks. Record usage charges, create monthly rental bills, collect rent, tenant follow-ups for unpaid rent, deposit checks, record and provide receipts, manage tenant, and manage adversity.

Log customer complaints, coordinate repairs, manage upgrades, log maintenance issues, schedule routine inspections, track property taxes, pay insurance dues. Review contracts that expire, communicate with tenant, record tenants’ plan on extension or termination, upkeep with moveout, schedule and inspect units, provide a base estimate on checkout, final inspection, refund deposit and obtain customer feedback.

Consolidate information, close month-end tasks, and share information reports with landlords, provide additional information when requested.

The above-illustrated sample of activities require many interactions and various in-person meetings, erasing the social distancing and putting the pressure on you to be there physically, everywhere.

We at PIRAMIDS, carefully analyzed the aspects of property management needs for automation and built processes as a solution.

You receive the benefits of automation from onboarding the tenants, performing electronic credit checks, tenants’ virtual onboarding, e-contract management, e-billing and e-collections.

Tracking the property and features, inspections, results, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades, providing automatic updates to Managers, and tenants. PIRAMIDS is built to provide all the tools to manage by exception, so you can invest your time in more valuable tasks that only you can do.

PIRAMIDS upkeeps the documentation with an ability to link the documents to the associated processes and makes your job easier than ever before. Since all the information flows directly to the General Ledger, it saves you countless hours on coordinating bookkeeping. It also automatically provides landlords with operational and financial information.

In addition, if you are a Property manager in charge of managing multiple properties for a fee, our program helps you bring all the Clients to the platform at an affordable price.  And “Rpay (or ‘Rent Grid’)” provides you with the ability to collect the exact amount from the Tenant, deduct the fee and deposit the remaining amount to the landlords. This is an immense time saver, freeing you up to direct your time to managing and gaining more clients with confidence.

We can make your property management simple and efficient. Talk to us and streamline your rental process