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PIRAMIDS serves every aspect of lease management capturing
all the essential information across the rental life cycle management.

As a tenant, you deserve the best from the property and rental unit you leased. However, with aging infrastructures in place, you often have problems with your sink or bathroom. On some problems, we may not be technically able to explain and resolve over the phone and they may require a handyman’s personal visit.

You now must accommodate your busy schedule, on top of the COVID-19 safety concerns. Ideally, logging a service request makes your job easier as it paints a picture of the problem. The property manager or the handyman gains an understanding of the issue before they visit. This way, they can bring the proper parts and tools needed to make repairs without making multiple trips.

PIRAMIDS provides a service request feature, that has the functionality to log your problem and track the status more effectively, rather than chasing down the property manager over the phone or in-person.

Our memory is filled with more data than ever before. Our shelves and desk drawers are filled with more stuff. We must often revisit our lease agreement, bills we paid, or rental bills for review or to provide for school admission.

With PIRAMIDS you can eliminate the hassle. Once you log in, you can view your Contracts, Bills, Payments, and summary statements all in one place.

The rental due date is critical, and you need to remember the due date every month, month over month, make a physical visit and pay rent. This routine cycle repeats every month and missing a due date will cost you a hefty penalty – up to $50 a day or more, depending on the lease agreement.

We at PIRAMIDS can take this routine task from your busy calendar. With your pre-approval, we can initiate an ACH every month until the end of the contract. Or we will provide you the flexibility to make an online payment as an e-check.

No matter how well we manage personal finances, we occasionally face a financial crisis with unpredictable events – like the current COVID-19 pandemic. In difficult times, you don’t want to spoil the reputation you have worked so hard to earn.

Our platform Clikpay accepts credit card payments at 2.75% + 30 cents as charge per transaction.
(This fee will go to card issuer like Master Card or Visa, and we believe, that’s how they are able to offer 1% cashback and or 2% cashback on certain items).


We can make your property management simple and efficient. Talk to us and streamline your rental process