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Investment Analysis


Project Approval

Projects Initiation

The projects initiation phase of any project is the first phase and one of the most crucial phases. This is because this phase serves as the foundation for everything else to come. Piramids project management module is designed to help you develop a project charter or business case, identify the necessary stakeholders, run a feasibility study and gather the right team for the project.

Project Budgeting

Project budgeting is an integral aspect of project management. Piramids prepares the budget by providing detailed estimates for each of the project cost elements. This is done by considering factors like the resource cost rates, both human resource and material resources, reserve analysis, vendor bid analysis, and cost of quality.

Management Fee

The sponsoring entity often charges a management fee for steering the investment strategy or for overseeing. This can be a fixed fee over the duration of the project, or a variable cost based on project progress. Piramids is capable of calculating a variable management fee based on resource utilization or on a fixed fee on an installment basis and creates financial entries.

Risk Management

Projects can be very dynamic, and this often results in varying levels of risk. Piramids is designed to manage the risk by employing certain procedures in the identification, evaluation, and prevention or mitigation of risks capable of derailing the project. Piramids allows for evaluation of the project risks and assigning them to appropriate parties at the task level to have better visibility of the cause and course of action.

Change Orders

Change is inevitable but if unmanaged, it can significantly derail a project. Piramids handles change orders when there is any change in the scope of the project. We do this by properly analyzing the changes that need to happen, whether additive or deductive and the effects they have on the budget and schedule of the project while carrying the project owner and other stakeholders along.

Sales & Contracts Management

Piramids manages the sale and contracts over the duration of the project. This is to ensure that the parties to the contract meet all set expectations in terms of deadlines, deliverables, and the terms and conditions of their contract. It is important to ensure that the parties to the contract are well-aware of the outcomes, this in turn reduces the financial risk of the project and improves the stakeholders returns.

Projects Capitalization

Piramids handles project capitalization by recording all the costs that are associated with bringing the project to the point of operation as assets. This prevents costs such as acquisition, delivery, building, and installation costs from being recorded as expenses, allowing for a reduction in net income.

Project Review

Project reviews are necessary to assess the overall performance of stakeholders on a project. After planning and implementing the project, Piramids conducts project reviews that help to determine the most efficient and effective processes moving forward, the areas of the project that need improvement, and the strengths and accomplishments of various stakeholders.

Project Management

Work Breakdown

Piramids employs a functional Work Breakdown Structure in planning. The work breakdown structure makes it easier to break up the project scope into smaller bits, a.k.a., Work Orders and tasks that can be easily visualized. This makes it possible to complete the project faster and more efficiently planning the costs and schedules at the detailed level.

Resource Planning

Asides from breaking down tasks, it is also important to break down the allocation of resources like equipment, time, materials, supplies, tools, and people. Piramids has developed an effective system of resource planning that makes it easy to allocate the exact quantities of resources required at each stage of the project in a way that aligns with the budget and timeline for the project.


No project is done in isolation. Different resources and stakeholders must be pooled together to achieve success on any project. Piramids allows Vendor invitation as an RFE and provides the ability to request sourcing and estimates at Work Orders level with details of quantity, cost, and estimated delivery times.


A project schedule provides all the necessary details about the timeline of activities, deliverables, and milestones from start to finish of a project. Piramids’ allows effective scheduling, help you achieve successful time management while maximizing the budget. Piramids also prepares a schedule risk analysis that helps to predict the potential risks of veering off the schedule and how to mitigate them.


Inspections are essential to ensure project meets safety standards and design standards. Piramids allows documenting the inspections, and links with plans and deliverables of a project. This way, the requirements, and various product acceptance criteria can be matched appropriately. This is done by measuring the project using different relevant metrics, examining the work done and deliverables, and validating them.

Cost Control

Piramids project management module caters for cost control by overseeing the expenses incurred as the project progresses. Piramids also regularly calculates any potential financial risks while taking active steps to mitigate them.

Variance Control

Things do not always go as planned and this is also the case with projects. Sometimes, the actual projects veer off from the plans that were made earlier. Piramids has a variance control system in place that helps to prevent this and mitigate the degree of difference when a variance eventually occurs.

Activity Tracking

Keeping track of the work done and the progress of the project helps to keep the project owner and stakeholders abreast of any developments. Piramids uses its advanced activity tracking tool to compare the realized progress to the planned progress and determine if the project is still on track in terms of budget and schedule.

Asset Tracking

Piramids’ asset tracking system allows you to track all your physical assets being used for the project. This helps to save lots of time and money that could otherwise have been lost if you were unable to ascertain the status, location, and maintenance schedule of the assets.

People Management


You need the best hands on the job to achieve a successful project. Piramids has developed a recruitment system that makes it easy to hire the most competent and efficient team of workers. Piramids can handle the entire hiring process from the pre-hiring phase to the interviewing and selection phase hiring phase.


Due to the nature of the various teams that work on projects, a lot of errors could go wrong with time management. Piramids allows proper documentation and recording of the time and attendance of employees. This helps to prevent issues that could arise from poor time management such as time theft, labor violations, and unnecessary labor costs.


Piramids helps you handle the payroll for employees and payments for Contractors. This will ensure that all employees are paid when due in a way that shows commitment to your employees, fulfill your legal obligations, and keep proper records of your finances.

Employee Performance

Employee performance is an important factor to keep in mind because they directly influence the success of the project. Piramids offers an employee performance appraisal system that helps to track the performance of employees against the projects success.

Inventory Management


Procurement can be a daunting task because your inventory has to be consistent, especially in terms of quality. Piramids handles the procurement of resources to ensure that the items are consistent with expected standards. This allows you to set a reorder level so that the necessary resources can be procured on a timely basis, preventing any shortage or out-of-stock scenarios that could hamper the timeline and budget. It also ensures that the quality of the project is not compromised.

Utilization Trends

Piramids online inventory management system provides valuable insight into the utilization trends of resources on the project. You can easily determine how the procured supplies are utilized and if there are any wastages. This insight will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, allowing you to channel your resources effectively into procuring the right quantities of resources. It also helps you keep an eye on the quality and safety practices of the project.

Inventory Management

Piramids online inventory management system is designed to support and streamline the various operations required for the smooth running of a project. It allows you to monitor the supply and inventory of resources in real-time. In addition, your employees know where each item is kept, minimizing instances of misplacement.

Inventory Valuation

Calculating inventory valuation is often a herculean task given that most projects could span long periods of time with various types on inventory. Piramids handles the required calculations to determine the value of your inventory consumed and as well the balance in hand. This will help you determine your gross income and ascertain your financial position.

Physical Verification

While the online inventory management system helps to keep track, regular physical verification of inventory is necessary to ensure that the resources received match the resources ordered, and there is no loss of inventory. Piramids helps with this verification process to ascertain the existence, quantity, and quality of the resources.

Finance Management

Cash Management

Without proper cash management, it will be impossible to complete a project successfully within the allocated budget and timeframe. Piramids is well vast in the management of cash flow in and out of the project. With Piramids project management tool, you can easily monitor and manage projects cash inflow and outflow.

General Ledger

A general ledger typically contains all the transactions of a business. This often includes sub-ledgers such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed assets. Piramids accounting system ensures that your general ledger is completely up to date with all transactions, including assets and liabilities. 

This helps you prepare all the necessary financial documents required to paint a clearer picture of the business’s financial standing. 

Accounts Payable

Accounts payables refer to any amounts a business owes to its suppliers and other creditors, typically for items or services that have been procured or invoiced for. Piramids accounting system is capable of handling PO-based and non-PO based invoices with 3-way match and checks for duplicate invoices minimizing mistakes and fraud risks.

Accounts Receivable

Piramids is tightly integrated with Contracts and capable of producing milestones-based billing and fixed installment plans, setting up the contract once and generating the bills based on progress or terms, and easily track for the payments. Piramids monitors these amounts and duly records them while reaching out to the customers to get the payments on time.

Fixed Assets

Piramids will allow you to keep detailed inventory of assets, and regularly update records of all the fixed assets on the project. Piramids will take into account depreciation. Other features that will be helpful with your asset management are:
  • Maintenance history of the assets
  • Record of the asset, their condition, and their locations
  • Disposals, revaluations, and acquisition of fixed assets

Bank Reconciliations

Bank reconciliations are performed to make sure all the transactions are recorded. Piramids can help prepare your books for reconciliations. This will reveal if there are any errors, uncleared payment, or cash flow issues.