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About Piramids

PIRAMIDS is a comprehensive real estate investment management suite covering rental process automation, hospitality management, property management, assets management, compliance management and financial management.

Property ownership has always been a symbol of wealth. Among the numerous benefits it offers, debt leverage, substantial tax benefits through depreciation and promising price increases to match inflation are the major benefits. Falling interest rates and greater liquidity made real estate the primary choice for investors. Above all, the existence of real asset, physical control and protection of legal rights separates real estate from other investments.

All real estate investments are not profitable, as many factors play significant roles on investment yields, turning good deals into bad deals and vice versa. While it’s not easy to list each factor that influences returns, paying attention to the simple things that are most neglected will help you stand separate.

Many times, landlords are obsessed with routine, repetitive responsibilities, and never get into deep analysis of the investment returns. The due diligence of lender at the time of loan approval is a one-time activity and the function of financial due diligence is placed on the back burner. Then it becomes all about filing the income tax return on the due date.

PIRAMIDS is a portfolio management system to manage diversified real estate investments, helps by automating the routine tasks that you do repeatedly, and provides actionable insights. The continuous monitoring of an investment against the expected rate of return and its actual results helps you to determine whether the asset is worth holding. 

With your busy schedule and limited resources, you lack the time to integrate operations with finance for investment performance analysis. You are not alone in this journey. The good news is there are property management solutions to assist you in managing the property.

You need a reliable system that integrates Operations with Finance and works as a backbone of your operations, to provide the ability to manage operations by exception rather than challenge you to handle daily operational tasks

This is where PIRAMIDS comes into play

It focuses on automating the routines tasks and seamlessly processes financial data to provide you with exception reports and helps you understand the returns on investment. If you are looking for a solution that covers your rental activities, 365 days, manage from anywhere, PIRAMIDS is a great fit for you.