Real Estate Portfolio Management Software

Investment Analysis

PIRAMIDS is a comprehensive real estate portfolio management suite that covers rental, hospitality, construction, finance, and risk management.

Property ownership has always been a symbol of wealth. Among the numerous benefits it offers, debt leverage, substantial tax benefits through depreciation and promising price increases to match inflation are the major benefits. 

Diversification is the fundamental principle for any investment, and the real estate is not an exception. How do you diversify and how do you manage the diversified assets? All real estate investments are not profitable, as many factors play significant roles on investment yields, turning good deals into bad deals and vice versa. While it’s not easy to list each factor that influences returns, paying attention to the simple things that are most neglected will help you stand separate.

PIRAMIDS is a portfolio management solution to manage diversified real estate investments with investment analysis, project selection, rate of return planning, risk management, operations and finance management. PIRAMIDS helps by automating the routine tasks that you do repeatedly and provides actionable insights. The continuous monitoring of an investment against the expected rate of return and its actual results helps you to determine whether the asset is worth holding.