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Property Management

House Keeping

Housekeeping plays a crucial role in hospitality management and upkeeps the property’s reputation. It is an umbrella term that includes all cleaning, upkeep, and aesthetic care of rooms, common areas, backyards, and environs to ensure that guests enjoy a safe, clean, comfortable, and serene environment. Without proper housekeeping practices, the condition of the hotel will experience a downturn and guests will be dissatisfied.

With Piramids in charge of your hotel’s management, it is now easier than ever to ensure that your hotel and its housekeeping team are organized, productive, and efficient. This ensures that your housekeeping department always has the latest information.


Inspections are a necessary aspect to meet all the set expectations of your guests concerning their well-being. Inspections have to be done in a timely manner to allow for seamless interaction between the housekeeping team and the repair and maintenance team. Piramids has been designed to cater for customized inspection checklists for your hotel with systems to assign, inspect and track the results on a regular basis.

Facilities Management

A hotel with poor facility management is bound to experience difficulties with reputation, growth and expansion. Piramids facilities management tool is a powerful tool that helps hotels effectively manage the workload and strike a balance between housekeeping and maintenance by introducing efficient practices that separate both. This allows the hotel to run smoothly and provides room for the exponential growth of the business. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance are all about the upkeep of various equipment, systems, and facilities utilized in a hotel. These would often cover both general building functions like HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, hotel equipment, tools, and technology, as well as other various needs that are specific to each hotel and its guests. These specific needs range widely across different scopes, depending on the size of your hotel and the nature of the services you provide. Piramids work order management offers quality hotel management that ensures that faults are immediately noticed and attended to promptly and properly to avoid any hitches to the smooth running of your hotel operations.

Project Improvements

Development projects with right flags are an excellent way to increase the bottom line of your hotel business. Choosing the right projects can astronomically increase the value of your business and increase your revenue streams. Piramids can help your hotel business to develop feasible project plans based on income analysis, helps in managing property improvement plans (PIPs) that will guarantee value-addition to your business and translate to increased revenue and profit margins. 

Asset Tracking

Hotel assets range from basic hotel items like towels and sheets to include almost every other property on the hotel premises including items for sale in the gift shops, paintings in the hallways, and even food items and supplies in the kitchen and restaurants. Piramids hotel inventory management system makes it easy to conduct regular audits on assets of the hotel and determine their status at each point in time. 

This will ensure that hotel assets do not get missing or even stolen, that items are always stocked and that new assets can be easily acquired in line with the hotel’s standards.

People Management


The hospitality industry is one that is particularly susceptible to a lot of errors from poor time management. This is often because of the overwhelming nature of managing the various categories of employees. Piramids allows proper documentation and recording of the time and attendance of employees. This helps to prevent issues that could arise from poor time management such as time theft, labor violations, and unnecessary labor costs.


Piramids helps you handle the payroll for all employees. This will ensure that all employees are paid when due in a way that shows commitment to your employees, fulfill your legal obligations and compliance.

Employee Performance

Employee performance is an important factor in the hospitality industry because it is the employees that interact directly with guests and are responsible for their satisfaction. Piramids offers an employee performance appraisal system that helps to track the performance of employees. This system brings employees on board with the management’s goals for the business. It also allows you to help the employees grow while you get an image of how your business is performing.

Inventory Management


Procurement can be a daunting task because your inventory has to be consistent. Piramids can handle the procurement of new items to ensure that the items are consistent with expected standards. This allows you to set a reorder level so that the items are procured on a timely basis, preventing any shortage or out-of-stock scenarios and that the items that are procured meet the specified quality, allowing the guests to enjoy a seamless experience.

Inventory Management

Piramids online inventory management system is designed to support and streamline the various operations running in the hotel. It allows you to monitor the supply and inventory of goods in real-time. You get to know where each item is stored. This comes in handy particularly with perishable goods as the insights help you avoid wastage. 

In addition, your employees know where each item is kept, minimizing instances of misplacement.

Supplies Utilization Trends

Piramids online inventory management system also provides valuable insight into the supplies utilization trends. You can easily determine how the procured supplies are utilized and if there are any wastages. You also know which of the supplies are more utilized and those that are not well utilized. This insight will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, allowing you to channel your resources effectively into procuring the right quantities of supplies.

Physical Verification

While the online inventory management system helps to keep track, regular physical verification of inventory is necessary to ensure that the supplies received actually match the supplies ordered. Piramids helps with this verification process to ascertain the existence, quantity, and quality of the supplies. 

Physical verification helps to enforce internal compliance of the hotel, so as to maintain a seamless experience for guests.

Inventory Valuation

Calculating inventory valuation is often a herculean task for most hotels and can result in issues with the IRS if not properly done. At regular intervals and at the end of each fiscal year, you have the ability to value inventory with Piramids to determine the value of your inventory. This will help you determine your gross income and ascertain your financial position. 

Finance Management


With the constantly changing nature of the hospitality industry and the existing and emerging competition, budgeting is a very important process. The way a budget is drawn, one can easily tell the priorities of such a business. Piramids budget module focuses on addressing the priorities of the hotel business while ensuring that the hotel operates even more efficiently. Piramids offers meticulous management of expenses, most especially the cost of labor and supplies.

General Ledger

A general ledger typically contains all the transactions of a business. In the hospitality industry, this often includes sub-ledgers such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed assets. Piramids accounting system ensures that your general ledger is completely up to date with all transactions, including assets and liabilities.

This helps us prepare all the necessary financial documents required to paint a clearer picture of the business’s financial standing.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payables refer to any amounts a business owes to its suppliers and other creditors, typically for items or services that have been procured or invoiced for. Piramids accounting system is capable of handling PO-based and non-PO based invoices with 3-way match and checks for duplicate invoices minimizing mistakes and fraud risks.

Sales Reconciliation

Hospitality is a very complex system with hundreds and thousands of partners competing to sell for a commission. Its essential to record every transaction, collect the funds and disburse the sales commission, and chargebacks. Piramids reconcile the receipts and payments by bookings to make sure all sales are collected, and commissions are calculated accurately, and chargebacks are appropriate.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable refer to any amounts owed to the business by customers for services enjoyed or products purchased. Piramids monitors these amounts and duly records them while reaching out to the customers to get the payments on time.

Fixed Assets

Piramids will allow you to keep detailed inventory of assets, and regularly update records of all the fixed assets on the project. Piramids will take into account depreciation. Other features that will be helpful with your asset management are:

  • Maintenance history of the assets
  • Record of the asset, their condition, and their locations
  • Disposals, revaluations, and acquisition of fixed assets

Bank Reconciliations

Bank reconciliations are performed to make sure all the transactions are recorded. Piramids can help prepare your books for reconciliations. This will reveal if there are any errors, uncleared payment, or cash flow issues.