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How to effectively manage your real estate assets

How to effectively manage your real estate assets

Real estate management plays an important part in the real estate business. Asset managers or also known as investment managers are responsible for creating a business plan for your property to ensure that you will gain the maximum return for your investment. These investment managers should be competent, flexible, and can handle situations with very little supervision.

There are a lot of advantages to having professionals for effective real estate asset management. One of which is having the assurance that your assets will be in good hands and properly taken care of. At the same time, you rely on them to find quality tenants because they are experienced enough to filter through the applicants.

One other major benefit of having professional investment managers will help you to have shorter periods of vacancy. Managers can also prepare the properties for rent and make sure that the place is cosmetically pleasant for the tenants to look through to maximize the revenue. Speaking of revenue, great professionals can also determine the optimal rent rate for the community where your property is. To help you understand the importance of having real estate managers, here are some tips:

Understand your market and submarket

To properly manage assets and property, it will be best to understand the community and location of where the property is. Aside from knowing the area, you should also survey the competition. This will give you an idea about the rent in the market.

With this vital information about the rent and location, you can easily make an ample capital plan that works for your property. You can allocate a budget to things that are important in maintaining your assets for favorable market conditions.

Don’t get too attached to the property

The sole purpose of purchasing the property is for profit. There are times that the pride of having ownership can conflict with your judgment of what is important for your property and profit. You may want to have a lot of upgrades that are not necessary or even strategic for value appreciation.

Having a lot of upgrades and renovations doesn’t always equate to having high rent. It may even lead to over-improvement without the guarantee of ROI.

If you want to upgrade, make strategic decisions that can potentially increase the rent and overall value of the property. These types of information and expertise can be expected when you have a professional real estate manager.

Maintain the property

maintain the propertyIt’s wise to not overdo the upgrades, but this doesn’t permit you to neglect the property either. You have to maintain the asset to get profit from it long-term. It’s best to pay attention to repair requests from the tenants in case they need one. Ignoring these requests will have grave consequences and deterioration of the property.

It’s best to make your property as desirable as possible. You have to ensure that it looks clean and habitable at all times. There should also be routine maintenance to avoid any accidents or possible unfavorable incidents in your asset.

You also have to remember that an unkept property will also affect your tenant base because fewer people will be interested in your property. At the same time, if the place looks poorly maintained chances are the tenants that you will be getting are those who are desperate. These people potentially are those who can’t pay rent and are most likely to be evicted with left bills unpaid.

Having a good real estate manager can help you properly monitor the state of your property. They are experts in scheduling routine maintenance and are highly knowledgeable on filtering out tenants that you don’t want to live on your property.


Understand the resident base

You have to fully gauge the resident base of the area where your property is located. This will give you a good insight into how to make more money with your investment. Retaining renters is important because once a unit becomes vacant, it’s already lost revenue.

It’s vital to find good renters who are staying long-term. You should make them feel that they are residents of your property and not just renters. This will make them feel at home and not want to transfer any time soon.

Evaluating the community around the property is essential too because people stay when they are part of something. Having a good real estate manager can assist you with quickly responding to tenant concerns so that they will not feel left out.

It’s also a good idea to host holiday parties or events that the renters can participate in. This will make them feel welcomed and have the opportunity to socialize with the people that they are co-living with.

Tenant survey and feedback

This is a crucial part of making sure that all of your efforts in managing the property are effective. You should have a regular survey and feedback form sent to your tenants. This is to know whether they have concerns about the property. It will also give you an idea if there are things in your business process, maintenance, or even personnel that can be improved.

Here are some additional valuable tips that you should consider when managing a property:

  • Property inspection checklist
  • Move-in and move-out checklist
  • Renters insurance


You can manage your property and assets with ease by finding reliable online property solutions. You must select people who are not only trustworthy but also experienced in doing the job. The same also goes for property management. You must also get in touch with the right business for your property management needs and select the ones that are also experts in the field. You can opt to look out for an all-in-one property lease and lifecycle management software, which will help you automate certain activities and simplify your tasks further.


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