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Invisible Landlord

There is an invisible landlord behind every landlord chasing a tenant down for paperwork, payments, books, and compliance. The Contracts with the invisible landlords are written in various Statues, that are not easy to read and almost impossible to comprehend. Even if you devoted your entire life to reading all Federal, State and County Statutes, you would still be at a loss with so much ambiguity on the scope and application.

It’s not easy for every landlord to decipher the laws and at the same time, manage business to remain in compliance. However, you will need to manage all the transactions and documents that will prove you have exercised due diligence, managed under reasonable conditions, and are audit ready.

Rent Grid is designed to capture all the information, throughout the entire journey of being a landlord. It will be at your fingertips, at any time day or night. You only need to click a button to access supporting documents. Simply attach all the legal, compliance documents, bills, and statements to the relevant transactions. When you need to review documents, you can quickly access them via the secured vault, knowing they are protected from the reach of the invisible landlord.