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How To Maintain A Strong Landlord-Tenant Relationship

How To Maintain A Strong Landlord-Tenant Relationship

It is not unusual to see landlords who have a strained relationship with their tenants, or cases where the duo do not see eye-to-eye on certain issues.

Ensuring that there is a good relationship between landlords and tenants could be a difficult task, but it is not completely impossible.

To ensure a better relationship, joint efforts from both parties willing to make it work by meeting each other halfway are necessary.

Tips on Maintaining A Strong Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Here are a few guides to promoting a good landlord-tenant relationship:

Good Communication and Listening

This is perhaps the most important thing in making any relationship work.

Both parties expressing and understanding their expectations from each other right from the start goes a long way in forging a healthy relationship.

Landlords should prioritize listening to whatever complaints their tenants may have, and acting on them, and vice versa.

Accurate Documentation

Real Estate Bookkeeping is an aspect of real estate deals that should not be treated with levity. Before a lease is completed, landlords should provide tenants with all necessary documents stating the terms of the lease.

Tenants should ensure they go through these documents and are satisfied with the terms listed by the landlord.

If any disagreement arises, both parties could come together to try and reach a compromise through dialogue. They should also ensure that the new terms are properly documented.

Prompt Response

One act that goes a long way in promoting a good relationship between landlords and tenants is quick response time.

As soon as a tenant files a complaint concerning a necessary repair, landlords should ensure that they attend to it as quickly as possible.

On the flip side, when landlords express displeasure about a certain act that they might find damaging to their property, or reputation, tenants should be quick to make adjustments.

Reasonable Rent Increase

While an increase in rent over some time is expected, this increase must be fair to both parties. Landlords should avoid adding an extravagant amount to the rental price of their properties.

Also, when rent is increased, the new amount should be communicated to the tenants early enough so they can make good decisions on whether to renew their lease or vacate the property.

Why Is Having A Strong Landlord-Tenant Relationship Important?

Many believe that a healthy relationship between landlords and tenants is not exactly of great significance.

However unimportant it might seem, there is no denying that both parties being on good terms with each other makes everything easier and better.

Here are a few reasons why a strong landlord-tenant relationship is important for both tenants and landlords:

Benefits for Tenants

The benefits tenants stand to gain from a healthy relationship with their landlords are:

Prompt Response to Maintenance Requests

A landlord who identifies you as a great tenant would be more inclined to attend to any requests you might have concerning repairs or general maintenance of the property quicker.

This prevents you from experiencing any inconveniences or having to foot the bills for maintenance by yourself.

Delay in Payment of Rentṣ

Perhaps, you are having an emergency or have experienced some sort of setback financially and are having a tough time coming up with your rent.

The willingness of your landlord to give you an extension would largely depend on the level of cordiality that exists between you both.

A landlord with whom you are not on good terms might be so forgiving with delayed payments.

Rent Increase

Landlords often increase the rent on a property due to the increasing costs of maintenance and other property expenses.

However, if your landlord recognizes you as a tenant who takes good care of the property, he might be less willing to increase your rent by a huge difference.

Excellent Referencing

Even long after you stop renting from them, having a great relationship with your landlord could go a long way to help you.

Finding a good apartment in a tight rental market might be difficult, however, an excellent reference from a past landlord who knows how much of a good tenant you are could easily get you a great apartment.

If you are lucky, you might even get a good bargain on price, thanks to the influence of your past landlord.

Benefits for Landlords

A cordial landlord-tenant relationship has as many advantages for landlords as it has for tenants. Below are things landlords stand to gain from having a good working relationship with their tenants:

Rent Renewal

Tenants who have strained relationships with their landlords are more likely to exit the property at the end of their lease term, no matter how great the property might be.

Hence, a good relationship with your tenants is important as it influences them to retain the property for a longer time.

Good Recommendations

If you always have a bad rapport with your tenants, it is only a matter of time before word gets out to potential renters, and this might deter them from renting from you.

However, recommendations from tenants who have experienced you as a good landlord will increase the likelihood of you leasing out your properties faster and at a good price.

Better Property Care

More often than not, if you promote a healthy relationship with your tenants, they would be more willing to take proper care of your property.

Also, they might disturb you less with minor issues such as lightbulb or air filter replacement.

This saves you some cost and gives you peace of mind concerning the state of your property.

Easier Communication

If your tenants see you as an approachable and friendly person, they would be more inclined to tell you about issues such as late rents or damages.

This means you are not left in the dark when important issues arise.


A strong landlord-tenant relationship is achievable and does not cost a lot. If you put into practice, the tips listed above, it would only be a matter of time before you begin to notice a positive difference in the state of the relationship between you and your tenant/resident.

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